Playeleven is dedicated to the succesful management of our clients’ sports careers and life beyond football


Playeleven is a Sports Management company founded in 2015 by Pierre Issa, which continues to grow as our client base steadily expands each year.

We provide the highest quality services of Representation, Management and Development to professional athletes and managers who aim to reach the full potential in their careers.


Our highly experienced team provides a wide range of services to our clients and their families, including but not limited to:

We are in a position to negotiate the contract parameters that our clients need.

We have long lasting ties with Football Clubs around the world, always looking for the best possible match between them and our clients.

We cover a wide range of marketing services, image enhancement and media needs that our clients may have for the duration of their playing or coaching careers and beyond.

We are always ready to look after the needs and any requirements our clients may have, not only relating to their current professional status but always having in mind their career advancement and business opportunities after football.

We are committed in organising first-rate sporting events that offer an outstanding experience for everyone participating, while ensuring the maximum return on investment for the partners and sponsors involved.

“Playeleven’s philosophy and work ethos is based on our passion, dedication and respect to each of our clients and partners. As former football players ourselves, we know what works best  for them and we constantly try to be one step ahead of the game. We always go the extra mile to get results and achieve excellence in our work!”

Pierre Issa
Founder of Playeleven